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graphic composition

Diamonds - Graphic kakemonos

Diamonds - Graphic kakemonos Black diamonds, graphic kakemono by Alice Maynard I choose a graphic and geometrical pattern for this second set of kakemonos : the diamond, like I have already did in 2015, for a serie of posters. Black diamonds Black diamonds...

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Objects ! Ikea and others !

Objects ! Ikea and others ! Pebble and palette Ikea Redesigned Ikea goods with Molotow markers You are going for a walk to Ikea, to find some goods to decorate your home at cheaper price. But, you realize that you possess the same dishes that your neighbour...

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Diamonds - Posters

Diamonds, alcohol marker on paper posters Paint tubes and brushes are this time put aside, making space to markers (on paper), in a way to discover again this technique I learnt in school. Thanks to a more precise drawing, different of what I am use to,...

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Artiste peintre ! Peinture, acrylique, pastel, dessin, illustration et autres créations... Présente au Pop Up Store de créateurs du collectif Haut Les Mains et membre de la Team Etsy Toulouse.