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Overlays - Dry pastel

Overlays - Dry pastel Overlays - Dry pastel and papercut Overlays Inspired by trendy double exposition in photography, I too wanted to work on different layers, and play with contrasts or suggest sensations. Each one of the following artworks includes...

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Superpositions - Pastel sec

Superpositions - Pastel sec Superpositions - Pastel sec et papier découpé Superpositions Inspirée par la tendance de la double exposition en photographie, j'ai voulu travailler moi aussi sur différents plans pour jouer avec les contrastes ou suggérer...

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Abstract variations, acrylic painting!

Abstract variations, acrylic painting! These six paintings were made with the same set of colours, but with varying techniques and especially varying shapes. The results are different. Some of them are very graphic and decorative, others are more sensitive,...

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Artiste peintre ! Peinture, acrylique, pastel, dessin, illustration et autres créations... Présente au Pop Up Store de créateurs du collectif Haut Les Mains et membre de la Team Etsy Toulouse.